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Learning about lighthouses

We learnt that lighthouses warn ships not to come too close to the rocks and crash into them. We learnt that different lighthouses have different stripes patterns so ships can tell which one is which. We learnt that the lighthouse has different patterns of flashing lights. We practised flashing our hands three times, then pausing. We learnt that the flashing pattern is called its ‘character’. The light is called the ‘beacon’.

We also listened to the story ‘The Lighthouse Keeper’s Lunch’ 

We used a piece of paper that we knew was a rectangle and decorated it with an AB pattern. We rolled it so it was no longer a rectangle, but was now a cylinder. We made fringing and stuck to cardboard with ‘blue glue’ and added rocks.

We looked at the light and we discussed that an electric battery ‘made the light come on’.

These activities cover early physics, DT, literacy and maths.