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Week Commencing 1st February 2021

To Year 4,


Well done again for all your hard work last week. You really are sticking with it and showing lots of determination to keep your learning going. Please say thank you to your parents for all their efforts in making sure you are ready to learn and on time for your lessons, as well as helping you with work when you need it. They are super heroes!


This week in Maths, we will be doing a final week on fractions, focusing mainly on calculating fractions of an amount and solving problems. I am sure you will amaze me again with your excellent attitudes to learning and your desire to challenge yourselves. In English, we will be reminding ourselves how to use speech-marks accurately and how to make our verbs more powerful. We will be reading more of 'Treasure Island' and we will piece together the story using story maps. We will learn more about evaporation in Science, and in Geography we will be continuing with our work on earthquakes. 


Don't forget to send me your Long John Silver descriptions; I am really looking forward to reading them.


Looking forward to seeing all your cheeky, smiling faces again on Monday! 

Mrs. Simon







Next week we will be doing lots of art-work, focusing on sketching. To prepare for this, I would like you to find a photo of a volcanic landscape to use as inspiration for your own art next week. There are some great photos online. You can either print it or make sure you can open it in a new tab, ready for our work next week.


Also, make sure your Treasure Island book covers are finished and looking great. You can either do these on the template, or a piece of plain paper, or if you like you could do it on the computer. You should include a blurb that excites the reader but doesn't give the story away, and your book cover should be bright and colourful.


Have a lovely weekend!

Mrs. Simon