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Week 4


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We read a book about the crow family in Forest School.

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These Jackdaws flapped into the playground just after all the children went home. We learnt that birds in the crow family are very clever and eat all sorts of food.

Children worked together to flap their wings like a member of the crow (crows flap rather than soar) family and collect sticks for a nest.

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Children learnt that magpies are part of the crow family and learnt how to make the chittering noise Magpies make when a cat is near. They also learnt the ‘cawcaw’ sound other members of the crow family make. Some children found Magpie feathers. We spotted a Magpie in the trees when we were cawcawing as a class.
Children learnt that the proper science name for a Magpie is ‘Pica Pica’.

Effect of the wind.

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Children have found the effect of the wind fascinating this week. Therefore, we took the opportunity to make impromptu 'kites' with wool and a plastic bag. The children know they cannot see the wind but they can see what the wind does. This is an early example of physics (forces- lift, gravity and drag) and the concept of 'cause and effect'. It also showed children they can explore science without having special equipment: to use things found around the house.