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Rachel's dolphin research

Josh has been busy with his Science and artwork. He also revisited Castleton with his family!

Some spider’s web artwork from children in school

More Sports Day action from Rachel!

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Sports Day video from Rachel

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See if you can complete Max's branching database

Here is one of Amaan's food chains that he produced for Science

Rachel produced a lockdown powerpoint, which she presented brilliantly on our zoom call

More from Max's Sports Day!

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Max had an active time on Wednesday for Virtual Sports Day

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Max's Ramses II True/False Quiz

Freyja has been busy baking some tasty treats. Yum!

Thomas created an excellent True/False quiz about Tutankhamun. Have a go...

News from space!! Josh, Max W, Max P and Thomas completed an astro pi challenge just before the lock down and wrote some code that runs on the raspberry pi computers on board the international space station! They received a certificate last week to say they participated and it shows when their code was run and at which coordinates. Wow, a message back from space!

Rachel has been completing her RE work and writing an excellent diary entry from Fern in 'Charlotte's Web'

Nia has been super busy again and made a fantastic lemur habitats project

Briony and Max W produced Picasso style portraits!

Briony worked hard to produce a fact file about Ray Jackson from Lower Moss Wood

Amaan's Habitats powerpoint

Amaan produced a fabulous habitats project all about snakes

Aanayena also located the pyramids on Google Earth!

Amaan found the pyramids on Google Earth!

Isla's Habitat project

Rachel's Panda Habitats project

Amaan has been playing swing-ball tennis!

Josh's 'Habitats' project on Salamanders

Have a look at Poppy's fantastic Habitats project

Jasper learnt about Russia for his project and has dyed his hair blue!

Eliza has been baking, playing badminton and her sister did a henna tattoo for her

Jasper has been playing football and making delicious pizza!

Josh used his imagination and persuasive language to create 'Water Wonder Land'

Nia has been busy with art, cooking and looking after her rabbits

Kelsey created a super theme park map and wrote a Healthy Living Quiz. How many can you answer?

Poppy has been learning about Italy and has produced an excellent theme park leaflet

Rachel produced a poster of her theme park on the computer and has worked hard on her Geography this week.

Asiyah's Theme Park map (Dreamland)

Joshua beat Mrs Simon's keepy uppy record!! 17!!

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Amaan's European countries comparison

Poppy making slime!

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...and more slime!

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Poppy has been doing lots of cooking

Well done to Zunaira for baking some delicious scones!

Max P produced a very informative and professional looking power-point about Italy

More wonderful paintings by Theron!

Mrs Simon has been practising keepy uppies. Can you beat 13?!

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Year 4 European Countries - Luxembourg

Thomas may have a future career as a TV presenter I think!

Theron learned about Romania and produced a video!

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Josh spent lots of time researching Portugal and produced a detailed powerpoint

Amaan has written a lock-down poem and has been working on mymaths

Eliza's Denmark project

Max W researched Iceland and produced a fantastic poster

Amaan has worked very hard to produce an excellent project about Hungary

Eliza wrote a funny alternative ending to Bonnie Bossy pants!

Isla created a podcast all about Iceland. Have a listen!

Nia has been super-busy baking, creating art and playing games. She also walked 40km in 5 days!

Josh wrote a very funny alternative ending to Fussy Frankie and has been reading lots!

Thomas wrote an alternative ending to Stacey Superstar by David Walliams

Max has been keeping fit, practising his guitar and making delicious pizza!

Have a look at Theron's amazing artwork!

Rachel has been playing football in the garden and today she worked in her uniform to pretend she was at school!

Amaan working hard on coordinates and comprehension

Well done Thomas for your excellent baking skills!

Comparing Castleton and Hale Barns - by Josh

Well done Poppy for learning to cook a delicious, healthy meal!