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The Stone Age to Iron Age

Arla's cave painting
Sophie's cave painting
Fawzaan's cave painting
Arlas makes a fierce Stoneage hunter!
Skara Brae by Arla
Skare Brae by Arla
Fawzaan's Stone Age report
Mones' Stone Age report
Sophie's Stonehenge model - superb!
Sophie's Stonehenge model
Annabel's Stonehenge model - fabulous!
Annabel's Stonehenge model
Arla's Stonehenge model - brilliant!
Arla's Stonehenge model
Sophie's Stone Age house - fantastic!
Arla's Iron Age house
Arla showing us her wonderful Iron Age house
Inside Arla's Iron Age house
Annabel's mesolithic dwelling - excellent!
Ayah's amazing Stone Age house!
Nisa's brilliant Bronze Age house!
Alisha's super Stone Age house!
Ayaan's Iron Age report
Arla the Celt!
Annabel's beautiful Celtic knot