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Please can everyone contribute to this page. All you have to do is send me a picture or even a simple typed message that I can copy onto the page.This lets me know that you are reading the website. I'm waiting to hear from your all. 

Come on Year 5, I want to hear from everyone!!wink

It was great to hear from Daisy.

Read Evie's letter to Year 5

Read this from Archie!

Have a look at how Izzy's tadpoles have grown.

Konrad has been working very hard.

Look what Ayesha's been doing!

This is Henry writing and presenting his Winston Churchill fact file. Thanks for contributing to the page.

Jess R has been in touch!

A day in the Life of Andrew!

 Resmie is keeping very busy at home. She sent me a lovely letter which you can see below telling me what she'd been up to. Thank you Resmie.yes

I've also put up her very impressive artwork too. Have a look! And, she sent me a very well presented project on Bolivia which I've saved with the other projects. 

Art by Resmie

Francis' VE Day celebrations

Archie wrote a letter to Blue Peter and he got one back!