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Continuing with our work on fractions, today's worksheet is all about fractions that are more than one. It looks at mixed numbers and improper fractions. 




In class this week, we have learnt about determiners. These are the words that come before a noun or noun phrase to give more information. For example: The sandwich was tasty (The is the determiner). Another example is: I would like more butter on my delicious toast (The determiners are more and my). 

There is a power-point to look at and a worksheet (please do 2 stars). The answers are there for you to check afterwards.




Last week, you planned a party using a spreadsheet and tried to stick to a budget. Why don't you go onto 2Calculate and have a go at budgeting for something else? A weekly food shop? Christmas present list? A different kind of celebration? Try to remember the things you learned last week!