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Complete one page of VF and one page of RPS at a level of your choosing.


Complete one page of VF and one page of AR at a level of your choosing.


LC: What are the advantages and disadvantages of The Aswan Dam in Egypt?


Write a balanced argument about the benefits and the disadvantages of the Aswan Dam. Think about what we shared and discussed in our session together and do some of your own research too. There is a brief fact sheet below and some useful websites:


Organise your writing under the following sub-headings:

Benefits - write about the positive impacts of the dam for people, animals/plants, the economy etc.

Disadvantages - write a paragraph about any negative impacts the dam has had on people, animals/plants, the environment etc.

Conclusion - On balance, do you think the dam is a good or bad thing? Write a paragraph to explain why, giving several reasons for your choice.