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Picture 1 Ros practising her tennis
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4 Trinton's beaming smile
Picture 5 George's explorers project about Neil Armstrong
Picture 6 Maisie's plants work
Picture 7 Maisie drawing rainbows for the NHS
Picture 8 Aira's forces work
Picture 9 Sameer busily writing
Picture 10 Superhero Sylvan
Picture 11 Sameer working on his phonics
Picture 12 Emily's lovely writing and design
Picture 13 Sameer's trip round the local area
Picture 14 Charlie's making potions!
Picture 15 Arlo's gorgeous rabbits
Picture 16 Arlo spots baby lambs
Picture 17 Arlo busy baking
Picture 18 Arlo's Indiana Jones adventure!
Picture 19 Perfect spot for artistic inspiration
Picture 20 Arlo the dinosaur expert
Picture 21 Bob's growing a beanstalk!
Picture 22 David the botanist
Picture 23 David's Geography field trip
Picture 24 David's Google maps
Picture 25 A great piece of work
Picture 26 Bob's fab invitation
Picture 27 Bob's marvellous
Picture 28 Charlie getting up close and curious
Picture 29 Charlie's planting
Picture 30 Bob's Easter egg box
Picture 31 Abbie looking very proud
Picture 32 Abbie's brilliant poem
Picture 33 Sameer's fabulous writing
Picture 34 What fabulous designs
Picture 35 A great report Trinton
Picture 36 Charlie's report
Picture 37 Amelie's stained glass window of the last supper
Picture 38 Roz's Easter egg box
Picture 39 A great picture of Grandma Swagg
Picture 40 Fun at the river
Picture 41 Happy face!
Picture 42 Maisie in training
Picture 43 Paddling in the river
Picture 44 Super work
Picture 45 Growing well - Maisie and plant!
Picture 46 Aquilegia - I love them
Picture 47 Amelie - great gardening
Picture 48 Lots of planting
Picture 49 Amelie the shopkeeper
Picture 50 Bet you don't have queues
Picture 51 Wonderful brother
Picture 52 Saad practising his colouring
Picture 53 Saad showing good concentration
Picture 54 Saad completing his maths work
Picture 55 Tarzan George
Picture 56 George's grand adventure
Picture 57 Miracle grow
Picture 58 Master baker
Picture 59 Lovely work from Trinton
Picture 60 Looks like Y3 work. Well done.
Picture 61 Baking and proud
Picture 62 Finished product
Picture 63 Enjoying V.E Day
Picture 64 Colour
Picture 65 Ros colour mixing
Picture 66 lots of colour
Picture 67 Love the goggles
Picture 68 Spiderman on a Penny-Farthing
Picture 69 David busily working
Picture 70 David's seedlings
Picture 71 David's plant labelling
Picture 72 Sameer's fractions work
Picture 73 Trinton's amazing comic strip
Picture 74 Abbie's yummy marble cake
Picture 75 Abbie caring for hedgehogs
Picture 76 Super picture
Picture 77 Abbie's laboratory
Picture 78 Great phonics work
Picture 79 Good work on fractions
Picture 80 Finding a half
Picture 81 Good sequencing Ben
Picture 82 Well done
Picture 83 Great rainbow for the NHS
Picture 84 What a cake
Picture 85 Ben being so busy
Picture 86 Good sequencing George
Picture 87 Sameer's fraction work
Picture 88 Good writing
Picture 89 Samer's work
Picture 90 Fractions of numbers
Picture 91 Sameer's work on plants we eat
Picture 92 Charlie's Great comic strip
Picture 93
Picture 94
Picture 95 Charlie's writing
Picture 96 Great sharing
Picture 97 Saad ding fractions
Picture 98 Saad doing extra maths
Picture 99 Saad busily writing
Picture 100 Good sequencing Saad
Picture 101 Sylvan's sending us all a hug
Picture 102 Trinton's work on complex sentences
Picture 103 Trinton's excellent reading comprehension work
Picture 104 Trnton's super science work
Picture 105 David enjoying eating his plants
Picture 106 Impressive work David
Picture 107 David's Super work on plants
Picture 108 David's fantastic sorting activity
Picture 109 Good maths from Lucas
Picture 110 Great sentence work
Picture 111 the solar system
Picture 112 Great writing
Picture 113
Picture 114
Picture 115
Picture 116
Picture 117
Picture 118
Picture 119
Picture 120
Picture 121
Picture 122
Picture 123
Picture 124
Picture 125