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Charlie's history work
Charlie's comprehension work
Charlie's flying machine
Charlie's plant
Charlie's virtual Sports Day
David made  a lovely Father's Day card
David's R.E work
Trinton's flying machine
Abdullah measuring
Abdullah reading
 Abdullah the next Messi!
Abdullah's bug collection
Abdullah's diary writing
Abdullah's leaf person
Abdullah's rainbow
Abdullah's science
Charlie's great Enormous Crocodile work
Charlie;s wonderful guide to Hale Barn
Charlie's seasons work
Sameer's comprehension
Sameer's comprehension
Sameer's crocodile work
Sameer's maths
Sameer's phonics
Sameer's vocab work
Max's history wrk
Romir's history work
Nusayba's history work
Amelie's history work
Socially distanced P.E.
Socially distanced P.E.
Socially distanced P.E.
Socially distanced P.E.
Arlo's family have been press-ganged!
Arlo off on adventure
Arlo enjoying the view
Arlo reading
Arlo's lovely work on habitats
Arlo chilling in the river
Arlo's treasure map
Ros made a gg..ghost
Loving Bob's Minotaur
Look at the alpacas Arlo spotted
George's super Maths work
Trinton's fabulous sentences
Arlo enjoying the water
Arlo's seedlings
Trinton's great speech bubbles
Trinton's scrumptious looking fruit salad
Charlie's lovely penguin
A monster in the making
David whoa! what a monster
Look at this great monster.
Bob Ros and Annabel having fun in Lyme Park
Look what Ros has grown
Bob's made Jupiter
David proud of his amazing work
David's work
Ros practising her tennis
Impressive work David
David's fantastic sorting activity
David enjoying eating his plants
Trinton's beaming smile
George's explorers project about Neil Armstrong
Maisie's plants work
Maisie drawing rainbows for the NHS
Aira's forces work
Sameer busily writing
Superhero Sylvan
Sameer working on his phonics
Emily's lovely writing and design
Sameer's trip round the local area
Charlie's making potions!
Arlo's gorgeous rabbits
Arlo spots baby lambs
Arlo busy baking
Arlo's  Indiana Jones adventure!
Perfect spot for artistic inspiration
Arlo the dinosaur expert
Bob's growing a beanstalk!
David the botanist
David's Geography field trip
David's Google maps
A great piece of work
Bob's fab invitation
Bob's marvellous
Charlie getting up close and curious
Charlie's planting
Bob's Easter egg box
Abbie looking very proud
Abbie's brilliant poem
Sameer's fabulous writing
What fabulous designs
A great report Trinton
Charlie's report
Amelie's stained glass window of the last supper
Roz's Easter egg box
A great picture of Grandma Swagg
Fun at the river
Happy face!
Maisie in training
Paddling in the river
Super work
Growing well - Maisie and plant!
Aquilegia - I love them
Amelie -  great gardening
Lots of planting
Amelie the shopkeeper
Bet you don't have queues
Wonderful brother
Saad practising his colouring
Saad showing good concentration
Saad completing his maths work
Tarzan George
George's grand adventure
Miracle grow
Master baker
Lovely work from Trinton
Looks like Y3 work. Well done.
Baking and proud
Finished product
Enjoying V.E Day
Ros colour mixing
lots of colour
Love the goggles
Spiderman on a Penny-Farthing
David busily working
David's seedlings
David's plant labelling
Sameer's fractions work
Trinton's amazing comic strip
Abbie's yummy marble cake
Abbie caring for hedgehogs
Super picture
Abbie's laboratory
Great phonics work
Good work on fractions
Finding a half
Good sequencing Ben
Well done
Great rainbow for the NHS
What a cake
Ben being so busy
Good sequencing George
Sameer's fraction work
Good writing
Samer's work
Fractions of numbers
Sameer's work on plants we eat
Charlie's Great comic strip
Charlie's writing
Great sharing
Saad ding fractions
Saad doing extra maths
Saad busily writing
Good sequencing Saad
Sylvan's sending us all a hug
Trinton's work on complex sentences
Trinton's excellent reading comprehension work
Trnton's super science work
David's Super work on plants
Good maths from Lucas
Great sentence work
the solar system
Great writing
David creating monsters