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Hello, everyonesmiley Please find a  brief outline of activities for tomorrow, plus any materials you may need to collect in advance. 

Recap of previous learning: songs and rhymes; calming activities; what is a pattern?

Phonics: 'Guess the percussion instrument'-please have the photographs ready from your Remote Learning Pack, thank you. During our Zoom session, it would be super if your child could be sitting with something which makes a sound. This may be a commercial percussion instrument (drum, bells, maracas etc), or a home-made sound maker such as a metal saucepan and its lid, wooden spoons to hit together or dried pasta in a lidded cup. Your child will be asked to make a sound with it AT A SPECIFIC TIME. Thank you!

Here are the lyrics to our song so you can try the activity at home too:

Tune-Frere Jacques

Lyrics- I hear music, I hear music,

            All around, all around.

            Listen to the shakers  (shake, shake)

            Hear the sound

(Repeat changing musical instrument/ sound maker, if available)


Maths: Finger match counting. Wave on 5 and 10. Try this using different types of voices, for example, squeaky like a mouse and loud like a lion!

Talk about Penguin One. At home, go on a 'one' hunt, for example, you own one red car, everyone has one nose on their face, or your child sleeps in one bed....

Using a pointy finger, 'write' the number one in a tray of salt or flour. Remember to start under Penguin One's neck and go straight down his tummy to his feet.

Other Learning: You will ideally need some dough, either home made (recipe in your pack) or commercially made, thank you.

The children will be learning the names of the parts of their hands (palm, knuckles, fingers, thumb). Please reinforce these at home. We will be warming up then completing a few exercises with the dough. These activities support handwriting skills

I look forward to seeing you. Any concerns, please contact mesmiley