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This week's number work covers fractions and their equivalents. As usual, there are 3 levels of worksheet available. The online lesson will focus around the middle level but children can choose to do the GD (greater depth) or the D (developing)  afterwards. The daily arithmetic test is optional and for children who wish to practise for next week's maths tests. Please allow 30 minutes per test. These can be done at any time. (Answers are on the last page.)
Read the diary extract by Neil Armstrong. Think about how he describes what he sees, hears and feels. Which types of sentences and words does he use? Then, read through the up-levelling worksheet about the Moon's surface and write out your sentences into your book.  
This week is our Well Being Week where the classes in school are participating in activities that are designed to help them relax and feel happy. Sometimes, creating something simple can help us to feel better when we may be feeling a little sad. Maybe you could draw a picture or make a model. Or, choose one of above mindfulness colouring sheets to fill in. 

PE challenge: choose an exercise