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Hello Parents,

This week's homework is maths based and linked to our Big Question 'How Can You Find Out About Things?' It is collecting data for the RSPB.

Your child will learn how to use tally marks and learn that things can be represented by tally marks as part of data representation (in a simple way).


Please have a look out of your window for 1/2 an hour or preferably an hour. This may be too long for your child, if so, however long you can manage.

I am going to make a pot of hot chocolate and have a plate of biscuits nearby for sustenance.laugh


We will collate the data as a class and I will send to the RSPB and our head of maths, Mrs Burnham and also, Mrs Parsons who is the head of eco and nature matters at school.


Please find attached the resources you may need. If you do not have a printer at home, that is fine, please make your own homemade tally chart. Here's hoping we all have a relaxing weekend. We deserve it!

Kind Regards

Sharron Van Cook