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Writing assessment

Please use the blue lined books given to you for this.

Your child will be assessed on a piece of writing that uses the phonemes taught so far plus tricky words.



maths extension- number bonds to 20

Other Learning

Reading with Ms Van Cook

  • Fiction or non fiction?
  • Predict
  • Clarify
  • Question
  • Summarise

Mrs Markham's special assemby



On Thursday afternoon, some of you went for a walk or into your gardens and used your senses to find signs that the seasons are changing. We are in winter at the moment but spring is on its way. If you have not already done so, go on a wellbeing walk and see if you can find some signs that spring is coming. Check out the photos I took and also the video of the baby stoat. 

At the end of this page are some phase 3 phonics flash cards for your child to practise reading.

It would be helpful if they went through them at their own pace using 'sound buttons.'