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Continue with your Maths revision booklet.



I have uploaded a comprehension for you all about Tutankhamun. Try level three!



This Science work is for both Thursday and Friday. 

This week we are learning about deforestation, in the Amazon rainforest. We are finding out about how this affects animals' habitats.

Firstly, watch this video:

and also read this newsround web page:

There is also a powerpoint to have a look at, which gives you more information.


Task 1: Produce an anti-deforestation poster, detailing the reasons why it is so damaging.

Task 2: On Purple Mash I have set a letter 2do. Your task is to write a letter to President Bolsonaro in Brazil (who doesn't seem to think that tackling deforestation is a bad thing) and try to persuade him to do something about it.