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Easter Holiday Activities

Please continue guidance from original letter


Additional activities:

  • Finger strength: Make some playdough then exercise fingers daily. There are some fun You tube videos, such as the one linked below. Others to try include the lively 'Dough Disco' or 'Days Of The Week':




  • Maths ideas:



  • Things which are just fun but educational too!


Paint a picture of your grown up to make them smile


Re-trace vertical lines, draw anti-clockwise circles then write your name in: shaving foam, slime, cornflour and water, or mud


Indoor exercise with 'Cosmic Yoga Kids' on Youtube


Quiet activities: jigsaws, colouring, board games


Plan a tea party for your favourite soft toys. Draw invitations and plan games. Make some shaped sandwiches


Listen to the birds outside. Use the RSPB (Royal Society for the Protection of Birds) website to identify the bird