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S.T.E.M How to make plastic from milk

Ms George's P.E Challenges

Ms George's Burpee Challenge

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English and Well-Being

 Writing Competition (national)

Hi Year 2,

This is a story writing competition open to all children in Britain aged between 5 to 13.

Here is the link:

Scroll down the page until you come to a picture of a man with a towel on his head. Click on the video. This will tell you what to do and the deadline. It is a good task to have a go at because sometimes we can get a bit fed-up and sad. This is natural because we are missing our friends and family that are not part of our household. Writing a funny story will make you happy and others that you share it with.laugh

Good luck my little authors.yes

Ms Van Cook



Well-Being- Gardening and Forest School

Hi Year 2 parents,

below is a link to gardening and forest school activities with children. It is a free webinar your parents may be interested in:


Below is the info on Sow The City's upcoming Friday webinars plus sign up links, please feel free to share with anyone you think may be interested. Keep an eye on their social media for any updates and, or email to get sign up links.

  • 15th May Gardening and Wildlife with Kids. It’s May and there’s still plenty of time to get growing veggies. Stuart and Emily talk through how to get growing at home with kids, as well as lots of nature, wildlife and Forest School activities. This webinar is perfect for Covid home schoolers looking for activities for their little ones.