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18th -22nd May

18th May

Dear Year 5,

Thank you to everyone who has got in touch. I'm still waiting to hear from 8 children via email!!

Come on, send me a message!! I have to know whether you are at least accessing the work. 

All you have to do is send me a message telling me you're fine and that you're trying your best to do the work. That's enough. But, I need to hear!

So here we are, another week into lock-down. It's unbelievable really. If someone had told us just a few months ago that all the schools across the country would be closed for at least two months, we would never have believed them. Let's hope we can get together before the end of the yearyes.

I've uploaded all your work for the coming week as normal, and of course, don't forget to keep reading through the French vocabulary. If you've finished your Scofield & Sims, I'm still waiting for the book order to come in. When this arrives, I'll let you know and try, somehow, to distribute them. Remember TTRockstars, My-maths and Espresso have great resources and lessons if you're feeling like you need more to do. Every week, I send your parents a letter and on the end of that is a list of very useful websites, so ask them to show you if you're not sure what they are.  There's also the Whiterosemaths site that has a new set of five lessons every week.

The science work this week is about growing old and how people can have negative opinions of what it is to be elderly. Of course, being old is just part of our life cycle.  Last week was VE Day, which some old people can remember. My mother was 19 when the war finished and has very clear memories of the celebrations. My great nephew Harry, who is 7 sent my mother (his great grandmother) a letter telling her all about what he'd been doing at home as he hadn't been able to visit her for two months. Well, my mother was over the moon and really happy to have received his letter. She promptly wrote back! When you read the science work this week , think of my mother and how happy she was to receive Harry's letter and write one of your own.

So take care till next week.

Best wishes

Mrs Armstrongsmiley

PS A note from Miss George. 

There is now a Well Green twitter account all to do with keeping active. Let Miss George know what you've been up to. She's done a few challenges and posted videos 

so go on twitter@wellgreensport and have a look. It can be bike riding, skipping  or  in fact anything active. REMEMBER to ask your parent first. Staying safe online is very important and parental supervision is always necessary.