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week beginning 18.1.21

Hello Year 1 

I hope you had a good weekend  and you got plenty of exercise. This week we are going to be working on length and height. We will be comparing taller/shorter and longer/shorter. We will be measuring using different things like paper clips and cubes if you have any. We will be measuring using hands and feet. And then we will use rulers to measure in cms. In English we will be reading the text Lost in the Jungle. It ties in nicely with our Geography. We will be revising lots of phonics and we will be continuing with different pronunciations of single and groups of graphemes. This week you will have a Zoom Music lesson from Mrs Cooper. In Art we will continue with printing. We will be using things from around the house and we will be printing patterns with a dark colour on white paper.

In Geography we will be learning about the climate of a hot place and about the animals and people who live there. In R.E we will continue to learn about Islam. In Science we will be doing an investigation with foil. I will do this with them, but it probably won't take the whole session so I have put on another sheet. They will need different materials from around the house to test with a torch. They can then stick pieces onto the appropriate side of the sheet or they can write the name of the material