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week beginning 8.1.21

This week, the timetable is going to look a little bit different in terms of what subjects we will be covering each day due to 2 special days: Safer Internet Day on Monday and Chinese New Year on Friday.  There will still be 3 Zoom sessions each day at the same times. We will be reading a non-fiction text called What is that Building? We will be looking at unusual buildings around the world and thinking about the ideas behind their designs. We will be answering comprehension questions and creating our own designs and writing about them. The children will be doing some Lego building challenges and they will also be using things like craft sticks (or lollipop sticks) pegs and card to build structures. Also maybe playdough and straws or craft thin sticks to structures. I know a lot of the children really enjoy building their own creations, so I have tried to make as many practical activities as possible for them. No problem if you can't get hold of the things I mentioned then you can use other things around the house. I have put a document on to give you some idea of the sort of thing I mean.

Below is an outline for this week:


On Monday you will be completing work on sorting different letters with the same sound.

On Tuesday you will be matching the buildings to their names.

On Wednesday you will be making up your own names for strange buildings.

On Thursday you will be completing a comprehension.

On Friday you will be learning and writing about Chinese New Year.


The children will be deciding whether addition or subtraction is the most appropriate operation to use.  The children will be using number bonds in context and simple bars to represent word problems. They will also be putting into practice concepts previously taught in number comparison, specifically looking at how many more or how many fewer/less.

On Monday you will be learning about solving word problems. You will complete worksheet 1 -  pages 23 and 24.

On Tuesday you will work on word problems. You will complete worksheet 2  - pages 25 and 26.

On Wednesday you will . You will complete worksheet 3 - pages 27 and 28.

On Thursday you will  You will complete worksheet 4 -pages 29 and 30. 

On Friday the children will be completing worksheet 5 pages 31 and 32 .