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PHONICS- Decorate a piece of paper using felt tips. Roll up the paper to create a trumpet, securing with a piece of sellotape. Encourage your child to experiment with voice sounds while blowing down the trumpet. Can your child make loud, quiet, long or short sounds?


MATHS- Using buttons or tiddlywinks, encourage your child to sort them by colour. Count the items, remembering to line them up and touching each item in turn. The last number counted is the amount-does your child remember this? Play a game of dominoes.


OTHER LEARNING- Handwriting: Using a brush and a pot of water outside, practise painting anti-clockwise circles and re-tracing vertical lines. Do this on the ground and on a vertical surface such as a brick wall. Inside, using a ribbon* or piece of netting,* make large then small circles and lines as previously described. Disco Dough: Using the play dough recipe, make dough to strengthen little fingers. Have fun playing up-tempo music while poking, pressing and rolling the play dough

*Ribbon, netting and a dough recipe are in your Home Remote Learning Pack