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Year 6

Dear Year 6, 

What a strange end to the year we have all had! 


It has been lovely to see almost everyone in Y6 in the last couple of weeks, either in school, on zoom or when I called round to your houses to drop off your things! It has been the highlight of my summer term.


I hope whether you are at home or in school you can have a lovely last week! With that in mind, I have given you some summer booklets to do this week for a bit more light-hearted home learning! 


Over the summer, it is really useful to keep your brains going with a little bit of work every few days- especially after such a long period of not being in school. 


Here are some suggestions:

I think it would be useful if you completed a weekly page of your Schofield and Simms Mental Arithmetic books

Try to read as often as possible, aiming for around 20 minutes on most days. You should aim to read a range of genres and different authors

Use the BBC Bitesize website to access their maths and English activities- some of these are quite fun but help revise key concepts

Keep a journal or diary about some of the activities you do over the summer, or write some old fashioned pen-pal letters to your friends and enjoy when their reply arrives in the post or 'snail mail'

Use MyMaths as a tool to keep your skills fresh, there are some games on here too!



Have a wonderful summer break and I wish you every success for starting new schools. You have been a wonderful Y6 class and I am sad we didn't get to spend the last few weeks doing all the fun things we had planned. I hope you will all come back and visit at some point soon when it is safe- we love to see ex Well Green pupils at our PTA events! 


Hopefully see you all soon,

Mrs Burnham



Sleepy Rusty- it is hard work being a cat when the humans are at home all day!

Rusty's lockdown learning