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Lockdown Project information

We are working together with the 'Trafford Local Studies Centre and Archive' to participate in a collaborative project.


The Centre’s mission is to not only to preserve and protect Trafford’s archives and heritage collections, but also the history of today; making our daily experiences available for the study of future generations. With this in mind, they have planned a collaborative project with the aim of recording the experiences of our lives in lockdown, hoping to partner with schools, teachers, and their students to create an archive collection dedicated to our responses to the Covid-19 pandemic.


"We envisage including school students in this project by asking them to put together records of their experiences, creating journals, scrapbooks, photo albums, or any other sort of project to record their time at home. They could also complete a simpler exercise: by answering a survey of questions with honest responses.
While we recognise that some students are having a wonderful time at home, for others it might be more difficult. This project isn’t meant to ignore those feelings: rather, we hoped that by taking part in this borough-wide project we might make the experience more tolerable for everyone, whilst still capturing the wide-range of responses this situation has created."


We want you to get involved with this project and record your own personal experiences during lockdown. Please see below for suggested year group activities, but you don't have to stick to these. You can choose any of the activities, or you might have an idea of your own.


  • Nursery - draw or paint something that you have enjoyed doing whilst in lockdown

  • Reception - draw or paint a fun activity that you have done at home 

  • Year 1 - write about what has changed for you during lockdown

  • Year 2 - complete the questions (see below)

  • Years 3 and 4 - write an acrostic poem featuring the word 'lockdown'

  • Years 5 and 6 - write a diary entry about a weekday for you during lockdown

We hope you have fun completing the project and look forward to seeing all your fabulous ideas when we return to school. We also hope to use your work to create a Well Green 'Lockdown' book.