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29th June-3rd July

29th June-3rd July

Hello Year 5,

Thank you to everyone who zoomed in on Thursday, it was lovely to see you all again. I'm sorry that there were a few technical hitches along the way with sound and screen cameras. Sorry to Group 3 who got cut off near the end! Hopefully next week, everything will run smoothly! Remember to revise your South American work. You can look at all the power points from Summer 1 Geography to remind yourselves of some of the facts and information. The questions will be about human and physical geography, so if you don't know what I mean by those terms, then get revising!!!

It's been along time now since we were in school, and I know it's tough to stay motivated, but please keep going, and as I mentioned in the zoom meetings, read, read, read. yes  You can never improve your English at the last minute; it takes along time to absorb language and words and reading great books is the ideal way to learn, whilst doing something enjoyable. 

Don't forget to submit your competition logo for the Virtual Sports Days. Have a look at the letters below in the PE work section, which has all the information you need. Obviously having our normal sports day on the field would've been wonderful, but at least you can have a bit of fun doing it virtually. And please send in any photos for the web page. 

This time next week, it'll be July! Unbelievable that we're nearly at the end of the year. I'm still hoping that we'll have a  chance to get together before the end of term but we'll just have to keep our fingers crossed. 

Have a good week and I look forward to seeing you all on Thursday on Zoom.

Best wishes

Mrs Armstrong wink

PS. Regarding Mymaths: 11/32 of you have never been on the site since March. If this is you, try to go on this week.  I have left some feedback for those who did last week's homework using the individual login details. These are next to a little speech bubble under lasts week's tasks. Remember to always retry the tasks to boost your score if it's less than 100%, as this is how you learn and improve. I will understand if you can't access the site for whatever reason, but please let me know if this is the case. 

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