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week beginning 1.3.21

Hello Year 1's

It's been a gorgeous weekend. Flowers are blooming. The sun has been out. Birds are busily collecting things to make their nests. I hope that you have made the most of it. Only 4 and a half more Zooms to go! I'm on countdown. Friday afternoon I won't be with you as each teacher is in school for an afternoon next week and I am in on Friday afternoon.


For English this week we are going to be reading one of my favourite Year 1 texts called Traction Man. It is by a fantastic author called Mini Grey. We will be using adjectives to describe his outfits and then we will be creating some of our own for him. We will be revising split diagraphs and reading and spelling colour words. These will help with our adjectives work. We will also be doing some focused work on the dge phoneme we covered briefly last week. We will complete some comprehension work and we will create our own household item characters for a story.


We will continue with multiplication work. Some of this week's work may need a worksheet as I want to spend a little more time on multiplication. Then we will do some work on doubles and then we will complete the Review Pages

Monday          - making equal groups - worksheet

Tuesday      -  investigation - worksheet

Wednesday - Making Doubles Worksheet 4 page 44

Thursday      - Solving Word Problems Worksheet 5 pages 45-48 Plus the Mind Workout if                                    the pages are completed.

Friday            -  The Review Pages - 49-52

History           - we will be comparing the achievements of William Caxton and Tim Berners Lee