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Year 4 Gallery

Arla and Zayn produced their sound posters on the computer

Jasmine baked this amazing cake!

Annabel took over the kitchen at half term!

Abigail and her sister made a monster cake! Grrrr!

Alisha has been baking something yummy

Hockney and Monet inspired landscapes

Jacob made some delicious flapjacks!

Ayaan has been making magnetic models at home

Thomas baked some delicious bread over the weekend!

Helena doing her yoga for wellbeing

Annabel did some Science experiments at the weekend!

Aisha enjoyed her yoga on Thursday

Well done to Jacob for working so hard in his guitar lessons!

Still image for this video

Sophie has started couch to 5k. Go Sophie!

Lucy out scooting and a very accurately written pirate conversation!

Hollie made a delicious cheesecake, mmmm!

Yoga for wellbeing week

Well done to Jasmine for getting out and riding her bike!

Hasan worked super hard on his Treasure Island dialogue and punctuated his speech very accurately.

Arla produced a superb newspaper article about the Tohoku earthquake

Annabel's artwork (mixed media jellyfish)

Thomas created a pie chart of Year 4 birthdays

We really brought Long John Silver to life this week!

Some fantastic descriptions of Long John Silver. Can you spot yours?

Earthquake fact files from Lucy and Zayn. Well done!

Some more great earthquakes research from Hasan

Some superb Geography work on earthquakes by Jacob, Annabel and Matilda

Aisha created an excellent French board game to practise likes and dislikes

One word Sophie.... scrumptious!

Alisha always does her Joe Wicks PE and has been doing some amazing art-work too

Annabel and Sophie have been taking part in the RSPB bird-watching weekend and Annabel went on a Spring hunt at Dunham

Alisha keeping fit with Joe Wicks!

Annabel has been drawing with charcoal in her after school art club

Matilda's beautiful setting description and intricate colouring

Lucy has been busy making gingerbread men and doing tie-dye!

Dress up Friday for Annabel with Joe Wicks!

Aisha's excellent Dragon-slayer description, as well as drawings and purple mash book review

Lucy's fantastic Dragon-slayer setting description

Annabel got a telescope for Christmas. Amazing pictures!

Lucy took lots of care over her French work

Annabel did a science experiment to find out more about gases!

Still image for this video

And more volcano work from Fawzaan :-)

Well done Fawzaan for making a volcano in your lunch break!

Still image for this video

Aisha worked hard on her geography work too

Matilda's excellent Geography work

Well done Hollie for baking some yummy cakes

Ayah and Nisa have been working on their Hogwarts Castle!

Sophie did dress up Friday with Joe Wicks!

Annabel has been baking!

An excellent Winter scene description by Matilda

Aisha worked really hard on her volcano research last week.

Ayaan and Hasan produced some beautiful descriptions about a Winter's scene.

Sophie made clay models of her robot and a volcano as extra work!

Jacob working hard with Joe Wicks!

Arla produced a table of her volcano research!

Jacob produced a superb fact sheet about active, dormant and extinct volcanoes.

Annabel has been cooking a delicious meatball and pasta bake!