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Year 1

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The second half of the Summer Term 

In English we will be reading fairytales and nursery rhymes and other fiction texts. We will be spotting the rhyming words and then we will write rhyming sentences. We will be reading non-fiction texts and learning about their features. The children will be writing signs, labels and captions and they will practise alphabetic letter knowledge and order. They will be practising writing simple sentences with a full stop and a capital letter.

IIn Maths we will be using the scheme: Maths No Problem to learn about numbers to 10 initially. We will be counting objects to 10, reading and writing numbers to 10 and comparing and ordering numbers and objects within 10. We will focus on number bonds and addition and subtraction using different strategies within 10, including with addition and subtraction stories. We will be learning about position and direction, including left and right and using ordinal numbers to describe position.

Science: Materials: naming different materials and learning about their properties.

Forces: learning about pushes and pulls and sorting movements into these groups.

ICT: Logging on to the computer and accessing a variety of programs.

E-safety: learning about the benefits and dangers of the Internet and about how we need to be aware when we are using it.  

History: The Gunpowder Plot and why Guy Fawkes became famous for trying to blow up the Houses of Parliament.

R.E: Christianity – what it means to be a Christian and about the Harvest.

In P.E the children will be doing football and dance.

Music: Sounds interesting: exploring how sounds can be made and changed; using instruments with confidence.


None this half term

Art: Drawing from close observation. Some curriculum linked art.


None this half term


.Belonging to a community; feeling safe and happy in their class; feeling good about their strengths; expressing personal opinions; understanding other’s feelings; making choices.