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Today we will write the second half of our water droplet stories.


Complete the White Rose sheet of questions. Extension task- a page of RPS questions.


Follow the link to do today's Joe Wicks workout.


Maths- complete the 2 tasks set on MyMaths on multiplying and dividing decimals


English- continue to read 'Black Beauty' on Oxford Owl. read up to the start of chapter 7 by Monday.

Answer the following questions on chapters 4-6 in you English book:

1. What new job did James get? (pg 20)

2. On pg. 23, how did Black Beauty know there was danger even before he knew there was a fire? Give 3 ways.

3. Why did James put a scarf over the horse's eyes? (pg. 24/25)

4. Why was Beauty so exhausted on pg.30?

5. Why was Joe so furious with the coachman whose cart was stuck in the mud? (pg. 34/35)

6. On page 36 it says, 'I'd been a Birtwick Park for three years and I was very happy.' Why do you think Black Beauty had been so happy there?

7. Why had Black Beauty and Ginger been sold? (pg. 36/37)