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Phonics: Today is nursery rhyme day. Spend time singing or saying favourite rhymes. Can your child use different voices? Try saying a rhyme in a squeaky voice, a gruff voice a sing-song voice. How many different voices can you think of? Join in with some nursery rhymes on Cbeebies and You Tube. 


Maths: We are learning to recognise numerals. This week we are looking at the numeral 2. Please search for Number Zoo on the web and you will find the character, 'Ticklish Two' (a swan). Ticklish Two helps to teach the children how to write 2, 'start at her bill, go round her head, slide down her neck and straight along her tail.' Can your child find two things around the house to count? Start with their own eyes and feet!


Other Learning: Can your child build using a selection of construction sets? Which shapes are best for the roof? Can they make a road? A bridge? Ball skills: Can your child watch the ball and have their hands ready to catch it?