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Phonics: Can your child play a selection of musical instruments in different ways? Try pots and pans if you do not have commercial instruments. Using a piece of red and green paper, hold up the green to signal 'play', and red  to signal 'stop'

Put on some music. Practise 'mouth movements'. Can your child blow, suck, tongue stretch and wriggle it. Stick their tongue out to the left then right? Let your tongue dance!

Maths: Watch Number Blocks. Support your child to spot numbers in their house and when walking outside, for example microwave and house numbers.

Other Learning: Finger exercise: using dough and some upbeat music, practise poking, pressing and patting the dough. See You Tube 'Dough Disco' for further ideas.

Reading: Read a book a bedtime story. Read a book about an animal