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Book Day: Please find a box labelled 'Returned Books' in the school's entrance porch and another box containing a selection of reading books, labelled 'Free Readers'. These boxes will be available from 9. 30 am

PHONICS: Rhyming Soup (variation)- Find a mixing bowl and wooden spoon. Can you make some 'silly soup'? Find objects that rhyme and put them into the bowl and stir! Perhaps you can sing the following song (Tune: Pop Goes The Weasel) 

I'm making lots of silly soup

I'm making soup that's silly

I'm going to cook it in the fridge 

to make it nice and chilly!

MATHS- Using drinking straws (or sticks / pipe cleaners , or similar), Can you make any 2D shapes? Squares, rectangles etc Explain why it is a square, a rectangle... Can you make a circle? Why not?

OTHER LEARNING- Talk about the sculpture ' Salmon' Oregon UK. Please find a link on Wikipedia