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Our trip to Chester Zoo

We went on a trip to Chester Zoo to find out about endangered animals. We are going to report our findings to the school who will then help us to decide which animal we want to adopt. Click on the pictures to find out more. You could look at our questions and do some research ready for our assembly on Monday 31st March.
Picture 1 Recycling water
Picture 2 Elephants and people need the same land
Picture 3 Where else have you seen a willow tunnel?
Picture 4 We saw chimps.
Picture 5 Why was it hard to spot the tigers?
Picture 6 Why do people catch the red panda?
Picture 7 Can you see the red panda in the tree?
Picture 8 We found out about the red panda.
Picture 9 The Rangers station
Picture 10
Picture 11
Picture 12 Why are the painted dogs endangered?
Picture 13 We watched a video about the painted dogs.