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4th-8th May

                                                            4th -8th May

Hello Year 5,

So, another week has gone by and it seems a very long time since we were altogether in school. I hope that you are keeping busy and well and also staying positive. At some point school will reopen, so try your best to do the work I have set: this will help you when we're all back to normal. 

Before you do any of the work set below, remember to read the instruction letter for each subject so you know what you have to do. I know it is very tricky working from a screen and many of you will be sharing computers with other members of your family or perhaps don't have a printer or spare paper. Do your best! And read read read. This is the most important thing you can do as you'll be learning whilst enjoying a good story. Have any of you read the rest of the Chronicles of Narnia? And don't forget that you have to persevere with a book sometimes till you get in to it. Don't give up just because a book might be a bit boring at the beginning. 

I've been exercising every day although my foot keeps hurting which is annoying. I have three of my children here who seem to be constantly in my kitchen making food and mess! They're driving me mad and leave their shoes all over the place!sad One of them has dismantled his computer and  gets annoyed if I dare to move the pieces and my other son has bought a massive bike which now blocks the hallway. I hope you're not driving your parents mad!!smiley

Lots of you have contributed to the website which I am very grateful for. Please keep on doing so, it can be about anything. Keep on sending me your projects about South America and anything else you want. I've set some Art this week so I'll be looking forward to seeing some of your creations.

 Best wishes

Mrs Armstronglaugh

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