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Easter Holiday Tasks


I'm sure you all know it's my favourite subject so I was going to make sure you could still enjoy it from your homes too! 

White Rose, which we use in our class lessons regularly, have produced some fabulous lessons to keep you learning every day.

They have a useful video to show you about different concepts and a sheet for you to complete- as well as answers to check where you might have gone wrong. 



Please try to keep reading every day if you can. It could be a newspaper, comic, internet research as well as fiction books. Try to write a summary of a novel you are reading in your exercise book in under 100 words- it is very hard to do! Illustrate your summary with a scene from the book in the way you've imagined it!


Keeping Active!

There are so many resources out there for you to keep fit and active even without being able to do our daily mile around our new running track in school.


P.E. with Joe seems very popular this week- try it out:

They do a P.E. lesson every day at 9a.m. to have a healthy start to the day.


Staying Connected!

Newsround posted a very heart-warming story about children all around the country posting rainbows in their windows to stay connected to neighbours, friends and family passing by our houses.

Read the story here:

It would be really good if you could create one for your window and show some solidarity with all the other children staying at home in this lock-down. 



We should be starting some work in Geography about North America next term, which is a fascinating topic. Luckily, you should be able to find out so much even from home about this huge continent. 

To begin, you should chose a country or state in North America (make sure you find out the difference) to compile a research project. Try to find out about the climate, landscape, famous landmarks, cuisine, culture and any famous residents or other facts you discover. This can be completed in the books you were given last week, or on paper if you have supplies without going out! 


Awe and Wonder

I have really enjoyed watching the different birds coming into my garden this week and the flowers appearing everywhere in the spring sunshine. You could try and find out which species of birds you might have visiting you (I have coal tits, robins, starlings, blackbirds, sparrows and a very noisy wood pigeon so far...) or which types of flowers or plants you might have growing. I am eagerly awaiting another sighting of the beautiful green parakeets we saw from our classroom. You could do some sketches or find out some more about them. 


I'm sure you will be very busy with this list of tasks, but hopefully this will be an amazing opportunity to learn things that we wouldn't normally be able to do in the classroom. 

Good luck and stay safe!

Mrs Burnham