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Year 5

Welcome to Year 5


Your Class Teacher is Mrs Armstrong and the Teaching Assistant is Mrs Lee.



Summer 2


In English we will look in detail at  "Moondial" by  Helen Creswell. We will continue to focus on high level reading skills. We will also revise sentence structures including complex and compound sentences, as well as parenthesis, semi-colons, colons and other punctuation types.


In Mathematics we will complete our end of year assessment. In addition, we will continue to look at all aspects of number, including improper fractions, money and symmetry.


Science centres around the lifecycles of plants and animals. We conclude with photosynthesis and respiration and how living organisms have adapted to their environments.


In Computing we will be using Scratch to make animated scenes, as well as researching aspects of our Science and Geography work..


Our Geography topic centres around the Amazon rainforest. We will look at it's

importance to the world, and the issues surrounding it's conservation.


In D.T. we be visiting Altrincham College to make pizzas. We will design and make small purses with a plant/flower theme.


P.E. will centre around athletics and also continue with Boot Camp, helped by Miss George.


R.E. will look at Judaism in detail, following a trip to Hale Barns Synagogue.



Summer 1


During this term we will be learning about human life cycles in Science. We will look at conception, children's physical development including puberty as well as contrasting this with animal life cycles.


Geography will be centred around South America and how human settlement has affected it. We will also look at the natural features of the land, such as mountain ranges, weather and rain forests.


In English we will continue to work on S.P.A.G.  and look at the poem The Highwayman in detail. We will also work on non-fiction writing.


In Mathematics we will cover Roman numerals, larger digit numbers and the properties of rectangles.



Half term letter to parents Summer 1

Arts Week; Visit to Wellington School. Year Five made sculptures using wire and foil.

Spring Term 2


We will be learning about water in Geography: where it comes from, how it is cleaned and then looking at the issues in distribution around the world.


In Science, we will be looking at microbes and disease, focussing on the development of antibiotics over the last two centuries.


English will continue to centre around spelling, punctuation and grammar. We will also be reading "The Lion The Witch and The Wardrobe" as our book focus.

Spring One


In History we will be studying W.W.2 and the Battle of Britain and its significance to our lives today. We will also visit Stockport air raid shelters.


In Science we will look at reversible and irreversible change when different materials are mixed together, as well as planning our own experiments.


In English we will cover lots of aspects of spelling, punctuation and grammar, as well as linking our writing to the W.W.2 topic.


Mathematics continues with weekly investigations, mental maths and an in-depth look at negative numbers.


Arts Week will finish off this term, when we will be focusing on sculpture.

Autumn 2


During Autumn 2 we will be studying Space and learning about our Solar System, and why we have day and night, months and years. We will look at the pros and cons of space exploration as well as learning about the 1969 moonlanding


  Much of our English work will be centred around the space topic although we will continue to focus on spelling, punctuation and grammar discretely.


 In History we have moved on to The Vikings. We will look at their way of life and in particular, the efficiency of their main mode of transport: the longboat.


In Maths we will continue to look at word problems and mixed arithmetic, but look at mass, capacity and volume and associated problems.


The Lacrosse coach will continue to teach on Thursdays andGymnastics with Miss George will conclude at Christmas.

Design and Technology


As part of our research in to life for the Vikings, we built our own Viking dwellings.  We really enjoyed experimenting with different tools and techniques.

Science in Years 5 & 6

We investigated water and air resistance.


Science Day


We investigated how objects fall onto a surface, using flour covered in cocoa powder and plasticine shapes. This experiment represented asteroids hitting a surface.

    Autumn 1


     Welcome. During this term the children will be studying  Anglo Saxon culture and way of life, as well as learning about the work of  archaeologists.  Science is all about forces, including friction and gravity, and how they affect the movement of objects. Our English work will centre around the author Roald Dahl: particularly The BFG.



Puzzle Day at Well Green

Year 5 & 6


 Children moved around different stations,working out various puzzles.