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​​​​​​PHONICS-   Talking about different sounds. Using wooden or metal spoons as beaters, explore tapping and stroking objects in the garden such as a wooden door, a wire fence or a metal slide. Talk about how the sounds are different. Create different rhythms. Remember to use your listening ears and try to create fast and slow rhythms.

MATHS- Explore 2D shape. Which shapes can fit together without leaving gaps? Count the number of windows and doors and in your house. How many of each? What shape are they? 

OTHER LEARNING- Share the story, Rumble In The Jungle by G. Andreae and D. Wojtowycz (see You Tube). Can your child name the characters? What does each character do? For example, the chimpanzee swings through the trees and munches fleas. Can your child recognise the rhyming words? Can your child move like the different animals? Try this inside and outside. Using information books and the internet (with grown-up help), support your child to discover more about three different jungle animals. Using black and white paint, can your child mix a grey elephant colour? A brown chimpanzee colour? What colours would be needed for a tiger or a lion?