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Photographs of your learning and fun activities

Charlie has been very busy with his learning at home. I love your model Charlie and your cakes look delicious.

Miss Hodkinson saw a mother duck swimming with her ducklings. I wonder if you can count how many ducklings there are?

Ruby has been very busy doing lots of different activities at home. I love your chalk picture.

Arlo has been enjoying doing a science experiment at home.

During lockdown, Scarlett has been busy at home with a range of activities. I like your writing and your pizza looks delicious.

Joseph has been enjoying his home learning. Well done for riding a 2 wheeled scooter.

Adam has been enjoying his home learning, what a fabulous book review and great tree climbing.

Eesa has found out about penguins by watching video clips and looking in books. I love your clay model of a penguin.

Charlie had a super 5th birthday, which he celebrated by having a bouncy castle in his garden. We hope you had a fabulous day.

Alishba has been busy doing some artwork and enjoying a bike ride with her sister.

Dollie has been busy with her home learning and spending time with her new rabbit who is called Shadow.