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Autumn 1 week 5


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A few of the children were exploring under our logs. We found: slugs, millipedes, slug eggs, earwigs, spiders, beetles, a snail and many worms.


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Moving our mouth muscles for phonics. ‘Making a banana milkshake.’


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This child knows how to make secondary colours by mixing primary colours. He is also strengthening his fingers and wrists ready for writing. Note the anti clockwise circles that are used to form ‘a’, ‘c’, ‘d’,’e’ and ‘g’ correctly.


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We have been sorting materials in science and maths. We have been comparing plastic and metal spoons and exploring how the 2 different materials make different sounds as well as looking and feeling different.


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Here we are practising the song we will perform in our Harvest Assembly. The children looked at some real wheat, learnt that it gets cut (by a combine harvester) and squashed into flour that makes bread, cake, biscuits and play dough.
Learning songs and performing them is part of C and L and EAD development.