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Year 1

Welcome to Summer Term

For the first half of the Summer term our topic was based on the theme of pirates. We were reading fiction texts based on this theme. The main idea was to grab the children's imaginations and to get them enthusiastic about writing. We learned about and labelled the different parts of a pirate ship. We made 3D pirate treasure islands and used coordinates to locate pirate pictures on a grid as well as thinking of pirate nouns and writing some interesting pirate sentences using connectives! We went on a pirate adventure to finish off our topic which the children really enjoyed and Seb's mum very kindly took some photos for us.
The guinea pigs' cage needed cleaning!
The children put the guinea pigs in a box.
What happened to this carrot?
The children scooped out the dirty hay.
The children scooped out the dirty hay.
The dirty hay went into a bag.
We lined the bottom of the cage with newspaper.
We put clean wood chippings into the cage.
The guinea pigs like some fresh hay too.
We put their toys back in.
The top half was clipped back on.
The bottle needed to be upside down!
Wow! Science Day
We had a message for help!
Who did this to you?
She had a spotty bow tie...
Quick! We need to get back to school...
We needed to go to Melrose Crescent
I think we're close!
The baddie had a spotty bow tie.
Someone else needs our help!
The baddie put this hat on me!
"Can you go to Year 1 classroom?"
Somebody is tied up in the attic!
Checking Year sign...
Let's check Year 3...
Wait! There's someone on the school field!
Look! A spotty bow tie...we've got the baddie!
We took her to Mrs Markham!