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Reading session with CT

Fiction text- ‘Oi Dog!’

Recap of features of a book.

Predict, clarify, question and summarise.



This week, we are learning positional language. It is helpful if you use this on a day-to-day basis with your child. It is great for parents who are tired because you can ask, as an example, your child to fetch your slippers 'that are in my bedroom under the bed next to my book' or go and get the dirty cup that is on the table in the dining room next to the bowl of fruit  and put it carefully in the sink' etc.

Your child may think you are using them to tidy up and get things for you, but you are legitimately able to tell them you are testing their positional language knowledge.smiley


After each maths lesson on positional language, your child now has the opportunity to access maths games that are under the 'gallery' star on the remote learning Reception page. These are designed for Year 1 children but they are available to you if you feel like you'd like your child to attempt them as an extra challenge.


Maths Journal. Please do not move on to page 18. This is next week's work.

Other Learning

The Big Question- ' Is everyone's home the same?'/ EAD

Can I be a structural engineer?

Can I make a shelter out of sheets, chairs, tables and other things from around my home?

You must have:

  • A sleeping area
  • A roof
  • A window for ventilation
  • A place to store food



Disney dance challenge