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Children in Well Green’s Foundation Stage (E.Y.F.S) are happy and secure.  Staff work with families to maximise each child’s development. Following the Early Years Foundation Stage Framework and Development Matters, the children develop excellent characteristics of effective teaching and learning which are the bedrock for the next stage of their learning journey. At Well Green, every unique child fulfils their potential through the development of these key skills:

  • Playing and exploring
  • Active learning
  • Creating and thinking critically



  • Most learning is play-based and takes place indoors and outside
  • There is a balance between adult-initiated experiences (guided learning) and child-initiated experiences
  • Adults take children’s interests and strengths as a starting point, seeing each child as a competent learner
  • Parent involvement is crucial. We learn a great deal about each child from their parents. Parental support and a high quality home learning environment make a huge difference to children.

Curriculum Overview

We offer a high quality broad and balanced curriculum which has four main elements:

1. Teaching and learning based on children's interests

2. A regular cycle of learning related to :

a Core books, rhymes and songs

b. Multicultural festivals and celebrations

c Learning Challenge 'Big Questions'

d Sports activities

e. Various trips

3 Core experiences (growing plants, looking after caterpillars and chicks etc)

4. Our curricular goals (achieved through maths scheme and phonics etc)



The children in E.Y.F.S achieve Well Green's curricular goals.

  1. Children thrive in a stimulating environment both inside and outdoors which is designed to be homely and calm.

  2. Children have a positive view of themselves, with a ‘can do’ attitude, nurtured by practitioners through a ‘Growth Mindset’ and a caring, positive attitude.

  3. Rigorous planning and tracking ensures every unique child reaches their potential.

  4. Parents are well-informed about their child’s attainment and progress throughout the year.

  5. Children are prepared for their next class because their characteristics of effective learning have been focused on during the children’s time in Well Green’s EYFS.

Policies for Early Years can be found in the 'Key Information' section under 'Policies'.

Well Green Curriculum

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