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Year 6

Welcome to Year 6


Miss Burnham is the class teacher and Mrs Emery is the Teaching Assistant in Year Six and Mrs Sharma is supporting Year 6 this year too.


Spring 1


We will be doing lots of interesting lessons and activities, including: a visit from the magistrates to learn about their role in the local community; a workshop from Marks and Spencer about enterprise; a safety trip to 'Crucial Crew' and a visit from the River and Canal Trust.


In English we will be reading 'Raging Rivers from the Horrible Geography series. We will be writing a range of different poetry, using the Geography topic of rivers for inspiration to use imagery in our work. We will also be writing non-fiction information reports and letters of complaint about river pollution and a poor restaurant experience. In grammar we will study adverbs and adverbial phrases, complex sentences, using more sophisticated punctuation marks including brackets, dashes or commas to indicate parenthesis. Spelling by syllabic parts, using rules and exceptions, homophones.


In Maths, we will be covering a range of number work and calculation revision. We will also be calculating fractions to add, subtract, multiply and divide. Calculating ratio and proportion to solve problems. We will be finding the Mean, median, mode and range and interpreting pie charts and data. We will learn about angles in 2D shapes and using algebra- solving problems with unknown variables and building formulae. Calculating the perimeter and surface area of 2D shapes, including triangles and parallelograms.


In geography this half term we will be learning about rivers- how they are formed and what makes the water flow. We will consider the water cycle, how rivers can become polluted, the physical processes of erosion and deposition and flooding. We will study the local River Bollin and River Mersey and the impact on human settlements nearby, including field work.



In science, we will be finding out about the human eye and how we can see things. We will begin to understand how images are transported from the eye to our brains and how the different parts of the eye help us to see objects. We will learn about shadows and how they are formed, enabling us to investigate how they change. We will cover some revision of sounds and how they travel.


In computing, we will be developing the use of IPads for research and topic work on rivers. Creating pie charts using Excel to show river statistics.

Children will be working with Mrs Heywood and will be working on a unit: We Are Network Technicians. They will explore computer networks within school including the internet and how it works.



In RE we will be thinking about the question:  What can religion tell us when life gets hard?The children will learn about what matters most to Christians and to Humanists. They will be learning in depth from Christianity and from humanism, a non-religious way of life. Through this, children will be exploring how we should care for others and the world and what we can learn from religion about deciding right and wrong.


Homework, usually Maths, English and any spellings will be given out on a Friday to be handed in by the following Wednesday at the latest. Please read  regularly and record this in your reading record as it is an important part of your weekly homework. Guided reading will take place every Tuesday and you must have your book and record in school. The spelling test take place every Friday.


The outdoor games lessons will be on Fridays. Dance (the Haka) will be on Mondays and an outdoor kit is needed for these lessons. Please ensure that you have something suitable for all weathers. . Children who have earrings are asked to remove them and leave them at home on P.E. days or remove them and keep them safe themselves at school. If ears have been pierced recently the children are responsible covering their own earrings with tape.


Please can you also ensure your child has the correct equipment required for school. Your child will need a blue fibre tip pen with spares, pencil, sharpener, ruler, glue stick and eraser. They also require a named water bottle.

Curriculum Map 2017-18