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Year 5

Welcome to Year 5

Teacher: Mrs Armstrong

Teaching Assistants: Mrs Grice/Mrs Lee

Autumn 2


In English we will cover a variety of spelling prefixes and suffixes as well as looking at directed speech, pronouns, relative clauses and plural nouns. We will link extended writing pieces to our Viking and Space topics. Our targets this term will be:

  • To write persuasively using emotive language and rhetorical questions
  • To write factually about different aspects of Space
  • To use semicolons and subordinate clauses in all our writing pieces
  • To use a variety of prefixes including re de dis
  • To read factual information and summarise the main points
  • To recognise the active and passive voice in texts


In Maths our main focus will be to display working clearly to show method. Children will practise explaining how they have calculated or solved a problem.

Our targets this term are:

• To add and subtract fractions with different denominators

• To explore 2D shapes on a grid including translation

• To use the 24 hour clock with confidence

• To round decimals to 1 and 2 decimal places

• To use formal methods for division


In History we will explore lots of aspects about the Viking invasions of Britain such as:

• Why did the Vikings leave their homelands?

• What made their longboats so successful?

• How did the Anglo Saxons interpret Viking raid?

• Why were Anglo- Saxon monasteries targeted by the Vikings?

• What artefacts did the Vikings leave behind?

• Who was King Alfred and why was he so important?


In Science will look at Space and understand the following:

• Why do we have day and night?

• Why do we have seasons?

• Why does it get darker in winter?

• Could an Asteroid destroy the Earth?

• How do we know that the Earth is spherical?

• How did Aldrin and Armstrong land on the moon?

• What is the Goldilocks planet?

• What are the pros and cons of space travel?


In Computing the children will develop an appreciation between geometry and art and become familiar with the tools of a vector graphics package. They will develop an awareness of computer based art.


In RE we will outline Jesus’ teaching on how his followers should live. We will look at differing interpretations of two of Jesus’ parables. They will have the opportunity to express their own understanding of what Jesus would do in relation to a moral dilemma from the world today.


PE: Monday (Lacrosse) and Wednesday (Hockey) - Children must be able to remove or tape their own earrings and be responsible for them.


Homework: given out on Fridays to be completed by Monday-Wednesday

Guided reading: Tuesday


Please can you also make sure children have the correct equipment for school:

a blue handwriting pen, pencil, ruler and eraser.