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Year 5

Welcome to Year 5

Teacher- Mrs Armstrong

Teaching Assistant- Mrs Grice

Autumn 1



We will read The BFG by Roald Dahl and write character descriptions of our own imaginary giants. We will also link our writing to the Anglo Saxons

Our targets this term are:

  • To use subordinate clauses in sentences
  • To revise verbs, adverbs and nouns
  • To extend the length of our writing pieces
  • To describe parts of speech
  • To use expanded noun phrases in our sentences



We will recognise and use and order thousandths using a number line. Convert between km m cm & mm. We will also look at imperial equivalents and solve problems involving length.

Our targets this term are:

  • To order numbers to 10000
  • To revise all four operations
  • To apply operations to worded problems
  • To find fractions of numbers
  • To sequence fractions
  • To find fraction equivalent



We will look at all aspects of Anglo-Saxon way of life including artefacts, the work of archaeologist, different burial sites, the importance of monasteries and religions.



Our topic is called Forces in action and will include looking at air and water resistance including designing parachutes, how gears, pulleys and other simple mechanisms work and where they are used in the environment.



Children will use Scratch to make animate sprites with backgrounds as well as hone their research skills to find out about famous scientists and Anglo Saxon culture.



Children will be presented with different views on why people believe in God or not, including their own ideas. They will also look at Christianity in detail.



This will take place on Mondays (gymnastics) and Wednesdays (netball). Please ensure that children have their kit in school every day.

Autumn 1 Parent letter