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Year 3

Welcome to Year 3 smiley

Your teacher is Miss Shaw. Your teaching assistant is Mrs Grice and  Ms George will also be helping us with some lessons.


Autumn 2


Mrs Heywoord will be teaching Maths and English each Friday morning.


Homework, usually English, Maths and any spellings/mental arithmetic will be given out on a Friday to be handed in by the following Wednesday. Please read with your child regularly and record this in their reading record, it is part of their weekly homework. (Times tables/spelling test every Friday).


Outdoor PE sessions will be on Tuesday afternoons and swimming will be on Thursday afternoons; a suitable kit is needed for these lessons. If children have their ears pierced, it would be preferable if they could leave their earrings at home on P.E. days. If not, they must be able to remove their earrings themselves and are responsible for putting them somewhere safe.


This half term we will be learning about the following topics:


In English, we will look at Myths and Legends. We will link this to our topic on Ancient Greece and read a variety of Greek myths. We will write our own legend stories, information texts about a mythical creature and a Greek-style myth. We will learn to use a variety of conjunctions to extend sentences and use apostrophes to spell contracted forms or words.


In Maths, we will practise techniques for adding and subtracting mentally and apply this to solving word problems. We will also be exploring multiplication and division further, and practising times table facts. We will learn about right angles, making turns and reading the time on analogue clocks to the nearest 5 minutes.


This half term, in Science, we will be learning about skeletons and muscles in Science. We will look at human and animal skeletons, how our muscles enable us to move and compare the diets of different animals, including humans.


Our History topic this half term is the Ancient Greeks. We will find out about when the Ancient Greeks lived, what life was like for the Ancient Greeks and how they have influenced life today. We will look at different artefacts and pottery to investigate what they tell us about life in Ancient Greece.


In our computing lessons, we are going to learn about coding and algorithms. We will develop our programming skills using Scratch to create short animations by translating a storyboard into a program.


In DT, we are going to design and make a purse/wallet. We will learn how to thread a needle and some simple stitching techniques.


In R.E. this half term, we will continue to explore the key question: ‘What do different people believe about God?’ We will learn about the Hindu belief in many gods and goddesses and about humanist beliefs. We will then explore the theme of light, thinking about the symbol of light in Christianity, describing our own feelings about light and understanding the significance of the Christingle.