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Year 2

Welcome to Year 2! smiley

Your teacher is Mrs Bell and your teaching assistant is Ms George.


Year 2 class


Summer 1


In English we will be reading the book ‘Never Tickle a Tiger’ and use this as a stimulus for writing our own descriptive list poems. We will also read ‘Leather Shoe Charlie’ together linked to our History work and be writing a story based on this. Finally, we will read ‘The Tear Thief’ and use this as a basis for some creative writing tasks. We will learn how to use apostrophes for possession and for omission. We will be learning to spell the year 2 common exception words and words ending with -tion.


In Maths we will be exploring volume as a measure for liquids. We will be revisiting calculation strategies and applying these to solve problems in real life contexts. We will also be developing our understanding of fractions and exploring shape and space further.


Our Science topic this half term is Health and Growth. The children will be learning about the different food groups and the importance of healthy eating and exercise. We will be planning healthy balanced meals and thinking about the foods we eat. We will be reading ‘Cool Food’ an information book linked to our Science work and write our own booklets about food based on this. We will also be thinking about changes from being a baby to an adult.


In our History topic, we will be finding out what life was like in Manchester about 100 years ago. We will find out about the life of LS Lowry and use his artwork to help us explore what Manchester used to look like. We will be using different sources of evidence to research answers to questions to help understand how life was different then to our lives today.


During our Computing lessons this half term, we will be focusing on E-Safety and Data retrieval - the children will be learning how to use the internet safely. They will be using websites to research information to help with their learning in other curriculum areas.


In our Art lessons we will be studying the work of the artist LS Lowry. As part of this work we will be visiting the Lowry art gallery to take part in an art workshop. The children will then be creating their own drawings and paintings in the style of Lowry.


In D.T. we will be designing and making a healthy sandwich linked to our work in Science on healthy eating.


In R.E. this half term we will be we will be exploring stories from different religions that teach us how we can care for each other and our world.


Mrs Grice will teach P.S.H.E. on a Friday afternoon with a focus this half term on exploring relationships..


Homework, usually English, Maths and spellings will be given out on a Friday to be handed in by the following Wednesday. Please read with your child regularly and record this in their reading record, it is part of their weekly homework. Spellings will be tested every Friday.


PE sessions will be net and wall skills outdoors on Tuesday afternoons and athletics outdoors on Thursday afternoons; a suitable kit is needed for these lessons. If children have their ears pierced, it would be preferable if they could leave their earrings at home on P.E. days. If not, they must be able to remove their earrings themselves and are responsible for putting them somewhere safe.