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Year 6

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Welcome to Year 6


Mrs Burnham is the class teacher and Mrs Emery is the Teaching Assistant in Year six and Mrs Sharma is supporting Year 6 this year too.


Autumn 1


We will be doing lots of interesting lessons and activities this term!


In English we will be reading 'The Boy' by Roald Dahl as our class text and studying biographies and autobiographies texts. We will be writing our own biographies about Queen Victoria and famous Victorian inventors and superstars of the era. We will be looking at key Y5/6 spellings and ible/ able and ious/cial suffixes.

We will be recapping word classes in grammar and learning about different types of nouns and advanced punctuation in various sentence types.


In Maths, we will continue to focus on basic skills in Mental Arithmetic to develop mental and written calculation skills for the four operations. We will learn about place value to deal with numbers up to ten million and use reasoning skills to solve problems. We will be covering positive and negative numbers and interpreting data to find the mean, mode, range and median.


In history we will be learning about the Victorian Era. We will study Queen Victoria and learn about the chronology of key events and advances in the period.

The children will consider the impact of Queen Victoria and this era of industrialisation. We will think about ‘Who were the Victorians?’ The topic will include a study of the Victorian era and research project on a famous Victorian person. The children will study the chronology of key events in the Victorian era and what Manchester was like in the industrial period.


In science, we will be learning about animals and plants and how they can be classified into different categories and groups. We will be considering the work of Carl Linnaeus and how he began to classify different groups. We will also be learning about how animals and plants have adapted to survive in conditions- desert, ocean, tropical and Arctic. This will follow onto work on adaptation and evolution later in the year.


In computing, Mrs Heywood will be covering lessons about beginning to develop knowledge and understanding of algorithms, using computer programming for control. We will begin with Scratch software and develop commands to create our own quizzes with scoring systems.


In RE we will be thinking about the question: 'Is it better to express your religion in arts and architecture or in charity and generosity?' We will describe and make connections between examples of religious art and buildings.




Homework, usually Maths, English and any spelling and multiplication tables will be given out on a Friday to be handed in by the following Wednesday. Please read with your child regularly and record this in their reading record as it is part of their weekly homework. Times tables and spelling test take place every Friday.


The outdoor games lessons will be on Mondays. An outdoor kit is needed for these lessons. Please ensure that your child has something suitable for all weathers. Children who have earrings are asked to remove them and leave them at home on P.E. days or remove them and keep them safe themselves at school. If ears have been pierced recently the children are responsible covering their own earrings with tape.


Please can you also ensure your child has the correct equipment required for school. Your child will need a blue fibre tip pen with spares, pencil, sharpener, ruler and eraser. They also require a named water bottle.