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Assessment at Well Green Primary School

In September 2014 the new curriculum was introduced and the system of using levels (which related to the old National Curriculum) to assess children’s achievements was removed.


Schools now have to devise their own system for assessing pupils attainment against the objectives in the new 2014 National Curriculum to track and measure pupil progress.


There will still be statutory national assessments at the end of each Key Stage (in Year 2 and Year 6) and a phonics check near the end of Year 1 (and re-test for children in Year 2 if they do not pass in Year 1). However, these tests will be more challenging in line with the new curriculum which sets higher expectations in each year group than it did previously. The new tests will now report a precise scaled score, where 100 is the expected standard of the test.


In school, with the removal of levels, we have devised a 4-step system to assess a child’s progress within each year group against their end of year expectations. The new language is as follows:

Working towards- Starting to meet some of the end of year expectations.

Emerging- Secure in some of the end of year expectations.

Securing- Secure in the majority of the end of year expectations.

Greater Depth- Secure in almost all of the end of year expectations and is able to transfer and apply their learning in different contexts.

Previously, when a child was ‘secure’ within a level they were often moved onto the next level. However, the DfE now want children who are ‘secure’ in the year group expectations to add more depth and breadth to their knowledge by using and applying their knowledge and skills in a range of contexts.


To help you to understand what the new expectations are for reading, writing and mathematics in each year group, please find copies of the school leaflets containing these below.