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Year 5

Welcome to Year 5 

Teacher: Mrs Armstrong

Teaching Assistants: Mrs Grice

Summer 1



In English we will read The Highwayman poem by Alfred Noyes and extracts from Catching the Void set in the Andes. Our targets this term are:

  • Use varied hyphens/brackets and colons in sentences
  • To identify the and write in different tenses
  • To use figurative language
  • To describe landscapes in detail
  • To make comparisons across a range of books
  • I can spell all the words from the Y5/6 spelling list
  • To write a fact file




In Maths we will continue to apply mathematical skills to real problems

Our targets this term are:

  • Round and ordering 5/6 digit numbers
  • To solve +/- word problems involving large numbers
  • To solve multi step problems involving x/
  • To use the properties of rectangles to find missing angles and lengths
  • To know that regular polygons have equal sides and angles.
  • To find the volume of 3D cuboids and solve volume and capacity problems
  • To multiply proper fractions and mixed numbers by whole numbers



In Science (weekly) and SRE week we will be looking at the human life cycle and how it differs from other animal cycles. We will be looking at conception and how human life begins. We will also look at how children’s bodies change at puberty.



In Geography, we will study South America in detail and compare it with the UK. We will write a fact file about particular countries; look at the Andes in detail; and how humans have settled across the continent.


In Computing, children will use primary blogger to create a blog within class about South America and to link in with Geography. 



In RE children will study the history of Judaism and focus on the key beliefs and traditions within the religion. They will look at a Synagogue in detail and study its main features and functions. They will also look at Jewish practices of worship.








PE: Monday & Wednesday- Children must be able to remove or tape their own earrings and be responsible for them. Please have outdoor kit in school at all times.


Homework: given out on Fridays to be completed by Monday-Wednesday

Guided reading: Tuesday


Please can you also make sure children have the correct equipment for school:

a blue handwriting pen (no biros), pencil, ruler, eraser and glue stick.