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Year 5

Welcome to Year 5

Teacher: Mrs Armstrong

Teaching Assistant: Mrs Grice

Spring 1

English will be linked to our WW2 topic centring on The Battle of Britain. The class will write mini play scripts about life during those times emphasising what everyday life would’ve been like. They will use their experiences of visiting the Stockport air raid shelters and WW2 museum to help with their compositions, which will be acted out in assembly during Arts Week in February.

Our targets for the coming term will include:

• Using colons in play scripts

• To recognise and use all types of adverbs (time, manner and place)

• To use historical language to aid authenticity

• To revise and understand the use of direct speech

• To write factually using formal writing (newspaper reports)


In Maths, children will continue to focus on displaying working clearly to show method and will be given more opportunity to explaining how they have calculated or solved a problem. We will order, round and calculate with numbers up to a million including decimals.


Our targets this term are:

• To solve word problems using negative numbers

• To subtract large numbers with decimals

• To make accurate drawings of angles

• To divide 3 digit numbers with fraction remainders

• To solve division problems involving rounding remainders


History will focus around The Battle of Britain and its effect on British history and what kind of country we would be living in if we’d have lost. We will also look at the risk of invasion and its consequences, the Blitz and its effects, the life of ordinary people, the experiences of evacuees and what happened during the Holocaust.


Science will centre on materials and their properties and involve learning about the following:

• Which materials can be filtered?

• What is irreversible change?

• How does heating and cooling affect materials?

• Can we group materials according to their properties?

• What is an independent variable? Testing


In Computing children will create a web page about cyber safety. They will find out how Search engines work such as Google and Bing. They will develop the use of I pads for research.


In RE we will look at what it means to belong to a faith community? Children share experiences of their own religions. Talk about stories of people who belong to different groups. Find out about some symbols of belonging (Christianity and Islam). Explore the idea that everyone is valuable.


PE: Monday & Wednesday- Children must be able to remove or tape their own earrings and be responsible for them. Please have outdoor kit in school at all times.


Homework: given out on Fridays to be completed by Monday-Wednesday

Guided reading: Tuesday


Please can you also make sure children have the correct equipment for school:

a blue handwriting pen (no biros), pencil, ruler, eraser and glue stick.

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