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Welcome to our Nursery!


Our nursery teachers are:

Mrs Richmond (Mon, Tues, Wed) and Mrs Parsons (Thurs, Fri)

Our Teaching Assistants are: Miss Crabtree, Ms Lee and Ms George


Spring 2


This half term our new 'Learning Challenge' will be:

"What happened to Jack's beans?"


You can best help your child this half term:


  • support your child to water household plants
  • discuss plants and trees that you see on your way to and from nursery
  • name, describe and taste fruit and vegetables
  • visit the local greengrocers. How are the fruit/ vegetables the same or different?
  • grow plants at home. Discuss safety- hand washing after handling seeds and soil
  • name different gardening tools 
  • share information, poetry and story books regularly. Chat about the characters, photographs...
  • make play dough and develop finger strength
  • encouraging them to attempt to put on their own coat, shoe and socks at home, and showing them how to fasten their own zip.
  • showing them how to push their hats, gloves and scarves into their coat sleeve, so that they keep all of their belongings together
  • counting aloud as you are playing, ensuring they say the number names in the correct order
  • touching each item when they are counting, giving one number name to each object
  • practising drawing circles and vertical lines in readiness for writing some letters from their own name


Thank you for your support.


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