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Good morning!

Please make sure you have your orange book and a pen/pencil to hand for the Zoom meetings.



Today I would like you to complete some work on Roman Numerals. We have previously discussed it in class and will go through more examples in the Zoom meeting. You need to complete the 100 square and then try the questions on the worksheet.



On the Zoom call, I will read you the next chapter of Boy called 'The Matron'. You have an extract from this chapter to read and then answer the comprehension questions about it in your book. Make sure you write neatly and in full sentences.


French and R.E.

For R.E., Mrs Oldham would like you to complete the Task explained below. You have to design a geometric pattern as you might see in a Mosque.

For French, you need to complete the match-up activity and sheet about family.


How do mosque buildings express Islamic beliefs and values?

Remember that our title question asks if art should be less important than giving to charity.  What do you know about art and the Muslim community?  In Islamic art and architecture there are no images of Allah and for many Muslims no image of humans because they mislead rather an enlighten us. Instead, geometric and natural pattern are used to create beauty.  Look at some images of Mosques on the internet (Zarah Hussain is a fantastic artist), do you notice any similarities?



You are to design a geometric pattern as you may see in a Mosque. Remember tessellation (repeating shapes that fit together) is used to create pattern and pattern can have religious meaning too.