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The big question- Who lives in my house?

We learnt that there are real live bears living in Hale Barns. We looked at Water-Bears and where they lived. They don’t live in homes like ours, but on the green bits on trees (lichen). We learnt that they are so tiny, only scientists can see them with a microscope. We also learnt that Water Bears have a growth mindset because they don’t give up even when scientists are mean to them.

Looking at minibeasts’ homes


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Trying avocado.


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Trying passion fruit.

We compared our houses to a house in Africa. We read ‘Handa’s Surprise.’

Children were asked the question 'What is your house made from?'

Here are some of the responses:

'My house is made of red and blue.'

'My house has got bricks.'

'My house has windows and a roof on top.'


'My house is made of rainbows.'

'My house is made of leaves and rainbows.'

'My house has got bricks and a roof.'


Clip of continuous provision where children choose own activity.

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This short clip shows learning in the areas of PSED, C and L, PD and EAD.

Exploring the effect of a windy and wet day on a shelter made from a tarpaulin.

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Ephemeral art EAD, PD, UW

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Children are asked to fill an empty frame with natural and /or man-made materials. They learn the names of the natural materials and then are left to design their own piece of ephemeral art.


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Children are given some materials and shown how to use PVA and a glue spreader. They then collect their own paper and can add natural materials, tissue, fabric etc to collage their own idea. This supports PD and EAD.